Luca, Pioneer Park, 3/12

spring returns (for a moment)

One of the things I love most about the region in which we live is the weather. We get to experience four differing seasons (fall being my favorite – if you haven’t seen Nevada City fall colors, you should), each usually only lasting long enough to get your fill and then be ready to move on to the next.

Last week’s snow was followed by a lovely weekend, and Monday was stunning. Luca and I took a nice walk down to the park to enjoy the lovely spring day. And once again today, just to keep it fresh, was more snow. It was fleeting, but did last long enough to have a sweet little snow-play sesh.

Snow Day

snow day

Last winter in our town was, as our winters usually go, an especially brutal one. We are at a fairly high elevation, so winter snow is common – however, 2011 brought us several storms with large snow accumulations. We were out of power for days at a time, and winter seemed to go on forever; our last snow of the year was very late in the spring.

This season has been a refreshingly different story. Christmas vacation looked more like spring break, and we have even seen a couple February days in the low 70s. It has been so lovely, yet in the back of my mind I am always wondering, “When is winter going to hit?” And maybe more importantly, “Since it hasn’t even really started, how far into the SUMMER might it last?”  Well, last night brought us a nice little taste of what we have been missing. No downed power lines, no 5 car pile-ups, no dark, cold powerless homes, just a good old fashioned snow day.

As a child, I lived for snow days.  White winter days are especially enchanting when growing up in the woods; the land of trees and pathways you know so well turns into another world altogether under snow. New forts to build, new caves to explore. Not to mention the icing of getting to stay home from school.

Now that I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with my children, snow days are a different kind of treat for me, though every bit as sweet.

Here’s to four (easy) seasons.